Rev. Paul Trudeau

Photography and Story by Brenton Gieser
Paul Trudeau - Tender Souls
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When I first met Pastor Paul Trudeau, he was in workout gear, preoccupied with the thought that his office and community center may have been taken over by bed bugs. Not exactly the image I had in my head of a devilishly handsome man exuding a holy glow and wearing a traditional priest collar. But the reality of the Tenderloin is such that sometimes you have to deal with bed bugs. As the Director of City Hope’s Community Center (the new kids on the Block), bed bugs are often the least of his worries. Giving a safe communal space to ex-cons, drug addicts, the homeless, and the mentally ill comes with its fair share of daily tragedy, but it also positions him as a light in the community, shining brightly from Olive Street.

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