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Raven and Terri

Photography and Story by Brenton Gieser
Raven and Terri - Tender Souls

Love is a healing agent with powers unrivaled by any other human experience. Love is what helped Terri get clean, love is what helped Raven stay away from a life of violence and crime, love is what can hold them together despite whispers from their addictions and the streets. However, the early phases of love where elation and infatuation allows two people to float above life's often harsh realities is ephemeral. The real work in relationships begin when obstacles arise, the past rears its ugly head, and love evolves from a feeling to an action. As Raven and Terri move into this critical phase in their relationship, one step forward is often followed by two stumbled backwards. But if their personal histories are an indication of what's to come, they will continue to put one foot in front of the other, they will continue to fight, and they will continue to heal day by day -- together. 

NOTE: this interview was recorded at Aquatic Park overlooking the San Francisco Bay which accounts for the loud winds. We hope you still enjoy the audio and are able to connect to Raven and Terri's message.  

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